"This is the other side of my creative coin." One, the world of expressive images, the other a world of expressive words. The writings are a personal reservoir and resource for critical thought that have found their way into my novels, an autobiography, a biography of a well-known artist, critical commentary, spiritual teachings on the Kingdom of God, scholarly literature, newspaper columns, as well as poetry, epic poetry and great quest novels.

Storyteller, Memory Maker, in Words and Drawings

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The Quest is a pilgrim’s story about an epic journey. The pilgrim is Cerulean, a long distance voyager who sets out to find the mystical city E’veden. The quest begins in a coastal settlement called Salmon Head, in the year 1066, After the Deluge. It is a poignant account of one man’s spiritual journey and his beloved Autumn Sky, set in the natural surroundings of Berin and Dorsal Islands that mirror the spectacular imagery of the Pacific Northwest as a metaphor for the author’s own spiritual quest. Discover the Valley of Dry Bones, travel in the “Copper Canoe” up the Swiftwater River, penetrate the Great Forest, cross the Great Sea, and meet the Copper Canyon Riders and the T’ucani of the far north. Hear the story of a mystical island “Fara’way” and summit Arrowsmith Mountain. All in search of E’veden, with the help of a Weatherstone and the white spirt bear. Discover the past as present written with a prophetic imagination. (Softcover, 639 pages, with drawings by the author. Amazon.)

Survivor is an epic story about Cerul, a ten-year old boy who survives a devastating raid on his village. It is a poignant coming-of-age tale in a land where history began in deep time along prehistoric coastlines before the Great Ice Age; a time when a landbridge connected two continents in the Pacific Northwest, a time of beginnings when good was poisoned by evil and all living beings were eventually destroyed. Were it not for one survivor, the story would have been lost. Survivor is about providence and redemption, from childhood to maturity, fabled Warlander stallions; a story of wrongful imprisonment, love for a princess, flight from an evil rival suitor of the princess, rescue, the coming of the ice, and a friend named Lun. Kaiyaland is where the events took place long ago. Survivor is a prequel to The Quest and Book Two of The Stone Trilogy.  (Softcover, 525 pages, with drawings by the author. Amazon)

The third volume of The Stone Trilogy is an epic account of the history of the Great Northwest coast, from time before time (“Survivor” the Story of Beginnings) to the era of Cerulean (“The Quest” a Pilgrim Story), to Cerulina, Queen of the Swiftwater People. Captured when she was very young, Cerulina was traded as a slave among coastal tribes until she escaped and found refuge among the Swiftwater, only to fall in love with Tika, son of the Chief. She became the people’s beloved Queen and gave birth to a son, Tiab, who led a remnant to escape the ravages of a wasting disease. It ‘s Story of Endings, love and pain, life and death, the tragic War of the Oaks, a villain named Va’nee, the white spirit bear, and the mysterious Koo Koo Sint, “who watched the stars.” It’s a quest for meaning and adventure that must sadly end (or does it?) before a new people settles the coast.  

A collection stories, myths, legends, and traditions of practices and ceremonies, gathered by Berin, the Master Mariner and his ship Erina during his coastal explorations of the Great Northwest. Written in Year 1, shortly after the Great Deluge and the destruction of the mystical island Fara’way, “Tales” offer a glimpse into deep time about a land of sleeping giants, magic scrolls, legendary chiefs, and ancient wisdom. This is the fourth book in the Quest Series.

BONE STONES - The author is Tiab, the 5th King of the Swiftwater people. Thus was crafted a history of the Great Northwest as never written before and a tour de force of prophetic imagination and historical plausibility. “Bone-Stones” is the longest most detailed account of The Quest Series preserved in ancient tales from deep time millions of years ago to the end of an inter-epoch era some 15,000 years before new peoples of these coastal areas: long distance voyagers, their fabled canoes, a legendary vision stone, kings, queens, alliances, “War of the Oaks,” great migrations, and the Great Deluge. Including a remnant people the last of this historic account. In addition the author gives a vivid account of what happened after the rebellion in the heavenlies when evil was cast to the earth on the fiery tail of a Death Star.

The third Noah King novel of suspense, drama, murder mystery: Isabel, her friend Polly, and her mother Esther, are the victims of illegal cult practices in a polygamist community in the mountains of British Columbia. Abuse is tolerated as a woman’s duty in spiritual marriages or as child sexual toys for men in an otherwise innocent looking place called Shadow Ridge. Everything and everyone are exposed by ghostwriter Noah King, who gives a voice to those who are seldom heard: the innocent. Redemption brings healing, but is judgment of the law too lenient for the perpetrators? 

DEATH MOUNTAIN, the 5th Noah King Ghostwriter novel: It was supposed to be a short vacation when an ill-fated US Broken Arrow nuclear bomber, a highly contentious repository for nuclear waste in Nevada's Yucca Mountain, and the secret Wedge Mountain Project north of Squamish, BC, collided. Add missing persons in the British Columbia Triangle, murder, suspicion. cover-ups, and a mysterious manuscript about Canada's nuclear program worth billions, you have a toxic mix in Noah King's chilling Ghostwriter expose and rescue of radiation volunteers, including an innocent bookstore clerk, a barista, and a surprise outcome.




The 4th Noah King novel begins in Goldbar in the remote north of the Canadian Yukon. Max Dobson, a drifter from Whitehorse, yields to the love of a native girl, amidst gold fever, business success, and a cabin-in-the-woods. Tragedy strikes. Was it accident or murder? There’s a shootout at a gold mine. He leaves town forever, a vagabond for seven years.  But, the past catches up to him with more bad news. Enter, Noah King, Ghostwriter, nineteen years later. There’s a body under a highway overpass, Max’s two daughters are kidnapped. A mysterious photograph with naked bodies in hot springs, a Rolex watch that shifts owners, a tangled story of greed, discrimination, love lost and found, and revenge. All come together in a surprise finale. Worth the trip to Willow Creek, Saskatchewan. 

FLIGHT UC 305, Noah King's 6th novel. It was the one book he could not write. Ten years later and haunted by the tragic death of his wife and daughter, Noah King returned to his hometown of Bottineau, North Dakota, scene of the crash of UC Air flight 305. In search of closure and redemption he pieced together events that began in the infamous Connally Unit prison in Texas and a daring escape of 7 convicts. But no one counted on an 8th escapee who became the bizarre link in a horrible murder story involving the FBI, FAA, a County Sheriff, and a young woman who escaped her abusive older brother. It’s a fast-paced investigation that touched the Ghostwriter deep in his soul where revenge and forgiveness battled for top billing. It was the one book he did write to end his nightmare.   

The Writing Collection includes (as of 2020): fiction and poetry

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"Homeward Bound," autobiography (unpublished)


"Death of a Model," novel

"The Pioneer," novel

"On The Run," novel

"Sweet Bitter Spring," a Novel of WWII

"The Ecstasy of Katie Gordon," short story, (stageplay in review)

"Where Lovers Die," a novel

"John Gould: Just me and the paper," authorized biography

Noah King Ghostwriter novels

"Coal Harbour," a Noah King novel

"Cash Creek," a Noah King novel

"Shadow Ridge," a Noah King novel

"Vermilion Forks," a Noah King Novel

The Stone Trilogy

"The Quest: A Pilgrim Story," an epic novel (Volume 1 of The Stone Trilogy)

"Survivor: A Story of Beginnings," an epic novel (Volume 2 of The Stone Trilogy)

"Remnant: A Story of Endings," an epic novel (Volume 3 of The Stone Trilogy)


"Cerulean Odyssey, the Long Distance Voyager," Vol. 1

"Cold Winter Breath," Vol's 2 -5, "Cerulean Odyssey,"

"The Broadway Players," (2nd edition)

"Cerulean Odyssey," the first epic / complete 10 Volumes of 915 poems - Annotated Text. (unpublished)

"Weatherstone: The Quest for E'veden," the second epic - Volume One

"Weatherstone: The Quest for E'veden,"
the second epic - Volume Two

"Weatherstone: The Quest for E'veden," the second epic - Volume Three

"Legend of the Copper Canoe," Book 5 of Volume 2 of Weatherstone

"A Remnant Shall Survive: Poetry of the Pacific Northwest 2011-2018"


"Creative Worlds: A Dissertation on Creative Freedom and Spirituality"

"The First and Last Kingdom: Rediscovering the Purpose of Our Existence"

"John Gould: Just Me and the Paper," Biography ( forthcoming 2019) 

Teachings on Spirituality: available as free downloads in PDF format.

"60 Days to Freedom," A 60 day daily devotional that focuses one's journey to spiritual freedom by understanding one's identity in Christ. (PDF posted below - downloading, copying, distributing is freely permitted)

"I am," A summary of Scriptures that reveal one's identity in Christ as being specific attributes of those who follow Jesus.
(PDF posted below - downloading, copying, distributing is freely permitted)

"Sermon On the Mount," (booklet, an amplified and expanded text of the Sermon on The Mount. PDF posted below - downloading, copying, distributing is freely permitted)

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