Drawing Academy

Canadian Academy of Drawing

There are two accomplishments of which I am rather proud . One is the founding in 1998, of the Drawing Society of Canada, (previous page). The other is the founding in 2005, of the online Canadian Academy of Drawing. The Canadian Academy of Drawing is an educational arts initiative of the Drawing Society of Canada. The academy obtained permission from the Dahesh Museum in New York, to use their published works of Charles Bargue's Drawing Course. The course was first published in Paris in 1860, and taught at the leading academies of Europe. It is considered to be one of the best courses in classical drawing. The objective of the Canadian Academy of Drawing is to make this course available online to as many established and aspiring artists as possible. Our special outreach is to artists who live in remote communities where access to live studio instruction is limited or non-existent.

Details about the course and enrollment are available in the website of the Drawing Society of Canada. Eligibility for admission into the course is at all levels of skill from beginner to intermediate and professional. Just go to the page Canadian Academy of Drawing at www.drawingsociety.com


Our students (over 60 at various stages in the course) live in remote villages, in cities, and in towns around the world, including Northern Ireland, England, Paris, Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and counting. Featured below are some student drawings from the course. Names are withheld for privacy reasons.

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