Masterpeace Gallery

Mt. Arrowsmith, Vancouver Island. The mountain is featured big in the epic poems "Cerulean Odyssey: Journey of a Long Distance Voyager," and "Weatherstone: the Quest for E'veden" by Gerrit Verstraete

Masterpeace Gallery

Masterpeace Gallery (Masterpeace Fine Art Gallery) is a separate online gallery with over 150 images of my artwork comprising: Contemplative Abstracts, Cerulean Odyssey, Coastal Footprints, New Works, Realism and Expressionism, Silverpoint, Book Illustrations, and Classical Figure Drawing. 

The gallery was launched in 2007 as a separate domain.

You are invited to visit the gallery by simply clicking on the following link. 

However, some of my latest work is featured in "My Gallery" page on this website.

Pardon me if I am confusing you

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