To become acquainted with the ministry years of Gerrit and Alice Verstraete, please go to VEA MINISTRIES at

Clockwise, starting upper left. 1. Guest on 100 Huntley Street, with David Mainse, 1986; 2. Ministry at the 1988 Holy Spirit Conference; 3. Pink Orphanage, Mexico, 1989; 4. The Church On the Rock, Gabriola Island, BC, 1993 - present

And left: Alaska, May 2007, a welcome break between preaching, teaching, and studio work.

And furthermore, just a few pictures of the Hope Centre's daycare rooms and teen room, as well as the Hope Centre logo.


In 2013, the Church On The Rock, on Gabriola Island, BC, celebrated 20 years since opening its doors in 1993. 

The Hope Centre opened its doors ten years later on Gabriola Island in 2003.

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