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About Us

About Masterpeace is comprehensive catalogue of all the select art works and writings of Gerrit Verstraete.

This website's objective is to manage sustainability and continuity for the voice of Gerrit Verstraete’s art, by creating a comprehensive chronicle in print and digital format that invites people to view the work and hear the  creative and inspirational voice of the artist. This website is a compilation of many previous websites dating back some fifteen years.



Pictured below: "Hopmanshuis," Zwolle, Netherlands. This 17th century building was home to my first art school, 1950, at age 5.

Below: Enkstraat 62, my childhood home in Zwolle, Netherlands. Note: the unit ( in light brown brick ) is attached to the elementary school where I attended.......

.... a long way from my present-day studio (below) as seen in 2009, before renovations. 

Pictured left (and news article above): Gerrit Verstraete's first commercial design, the 1961 crest for the Sydenham Valley Conservation Authority ( now St.Clair Region Conservation Authority ), Ontario. He was a Grade 10 student, age 16, at the Wallaceburg District Secondary School, Wallaceburg, Ontario.  

“The Canadian artist Gerrit Verstraete has helped create greater awareness of the diversity and quality of metalpoint drawing in the United States and Canada as well as globally. He continues to assist galleries and museums in planning metalpoint exhibitions.”) Stacey Sell, Hugo Chapman, "Drawing in Silver and Gold: Leonardo to Jasper Johns," National Gallery of Art, Washington; The British Museum, London. (2015)

“You belong to a long and talented line of artists working in metalpoint.” Hugo Chapman , Keeper of Prints & Drawings, The British Museum, London.


Wallaceburg Bookbinding and Mfg., which my father Chris Verstraete began in the early 1960's in Wallaceburg, Ontario. I designed the WBM logo and today (2022) logo and business still prosper in town but under new ownership.


Pictured above: "The Three Sisters," Cat.No.808, 2006. 

Pictured above: (left) "Collaborative,"  black & whiter, 1950. The earliest known of my work in collaboration with fellow students at "Hopmanshuis." ( age 5.)
Above (right) Pen and ink drawing, 1960. (age 10.)

Above: Early paintings, left: 1960, right:1969

Pictured above: 1963. Gerrit Verstraete receives the Bending Art Trophy for "best artist in high school,"  during a special ceremony at the Wallaceburg District Secondary School. He was a Grade 12 student ( age 18 ). L to R: Principal Allan, Gerrit Verstraete, Bending family representative.

Pictured below: Rozemarijn Straat, the street where I was born in Zwolle, Netherlands one day after Liberation Day of the city, April 15, 1945.

I was part of the 1983 production team, who put together this memorable volume of stories and pictures (coffee-table size book) of postwar immigration to Canada.  I designed the cover as well as naming the book "To All Our Children." After sales of 50,000 copies, the book went into reprint and is still available today (as of 2022). The book includes a lengthy  account of the immigrant ship "SS Waterman," a 1947 US built cargo and troop ship, but never suited for women and children. It was this ship that took our family of 8 to Canada in June 1958 (Ingrid, the youngest of 7 children was born in Canada).

2013, Wednesday March 20, The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, performs composer Joseph Glaser's tone-poem, "Cerulean Odyssey" which was inspired by Gerrit Verstraete's epic poem "Cerulean Odyssey." The performance was a great success and the tone-poem's presentation by a full orchestra was impressive. An audio file remains in the Gerrit Verstraete Archives. The composer stated his goal to write a symphony about Cerulean's epic voyages. 

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