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Just a sampling of later works

For a more comprehensive selection of artwork see page: Masterpeace Gallery

And that's me in the studio working on an abstract painting. Such fun!
All photographs in My Gallery (and on this website) are originals taken by me.

Enjoy My Gallery

Above: “Whalesong," in acrylic on canvas (48 x 36 in. / 122 x 115 cm). (from the Weatherstone Project)

Below: 4 Large Canvasses of my earlier "Concetto" or "Idea" works that feature the same experimental process.


Above: "Broken Islands," a large painting in acrylic and enamel on canvas (76 X 41 in / 194 X 105 cm)
(from the Weatherstone Project)

Above: "A Piece of the Forest," acrylic and enamel on mounted panel.
48 X 24 inches (122 X 61 cm) Cat.No. 1243 - 2015. From the Bernice Dewinetz Collection

Mt. Arrowsmith, just west of Nanaimo, and the mountain from which I receive a lot of inspiration for writing epic poetry.

Above: First copy of Cerulean's Map, showing both locations for the first epic "Cerulean Odyssey, " and the second epic, "Weatherstone: the Quest for E'veden." Cerulean's Map: Copyright © 2014, Gerrit Verstraete

The (hidden) Lava Road mentioned in the Weatherstone Project: one of many drawings of the forest in pen and sepia ink on paper.

(Left) "A glimpse of the experience of creative freedom as my personal delight in writing the epic poetry.

Here's a sample of the text (1:1-9)

the winds of change are softly coming

cold but gentle from the frozen sea

hesitant to venture too far south

lest they clash with Berin’s titans

to argue over valleys green and sleeping

mountains rough and meadows fair

I feel the soft hands of an early morning

awake I lie beneath the naked stars

who stare at me from a waning sky of night

“Smoky River Rockfish,”
2014 / Cat.1232. Black enamel and ink on Stonehenge paper. (24 X 13 in. / 60.7 X 34.2 cm). (From the Weatherstone Project).

Above: Visions of E'veden - from the sketchbooks (September 2014)

And what more can I say about my Coffeeshop People. 20 Volumes of drawings (in locations throughout Canada) over a period of 15 years from 1999-2014.

Yes, that's me on the right, on location (a few years ago) in Tim Hortons, drawing Coffeeshop People.

"Arrowsmith Mountain Suite," (above) silverpoint on coated canvas (38 X 48 in. / 97 X 122 cm). Completed over 5 months in 2017.

The wide drawing (below) is in silverpoint and copperpoint (27 X 9 inches). Is is titled: "Beyond the Great Sea," (Cerulean Series), an abstract work about my personal vision quest. Date of dwg is Aug.2018

These small drawings mark my return to the studio and the beautifully simple acts of drawing.
After a long sabbatical to complete graduate research, I long to return to the studio and my on-location adventures.

Illustrated (left) are 6 small drawings from my sketchbooks. These were completed on-location, and represent new experiences along-the-way of my creative journey as an artist.

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