Drawing Society

Drawing Society of Canada

There are two accomplishments of which I am rather proud . One is the founding in 1998, of the Drawing Society of Canada, with fellow artist Peter Leclerc. The other is the founding in 2005, of the online Canadian Academy of Drawing (next page). The Drawing Society of Canada is an educational arts initiative to create a greater awareness of Canada's drawing masters, past and present. Inspired by the  book, 100 Years of Canadian Drawing, by Jerrold Morris (1979, out-of-print), we began a long process of discovering these drawing masters. The book lists 227 artists. We have been privileged to contact and invite 70 such artists, and counting  (many are not in the book and many are past with no contact available). We invite these Canadian drawing masters to become honourary members of the Drawing Society of Canada. It's a personally very rewarding process as I have gotten to know many of these renowned artists.

Honourary membership is by recommendation and invitation only. A comprehensive representation of the society's honourary members is available at www.drawingsociety.com


Just to mention a few honourary members: Robert Bateman, Ken Danby, Mina de la Cruz, Barabara Fostka, Eric Freifeld, John Gould, Yousha Liu, Enid MacLachlan, John Newman, Annie Pootoogook, Gerald Squires and many more.

Illustrated below are a few representative examples of Canada's drawing masters. Names are withheld for privacy reasons.

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