The Weatherstone

The Weatherstone (Project) is my experience of creative freedom with a delight in inspiration that will flex my artistic muscles, expand my creative horizons, contemplate my spiritual foundations, and satisfy my quest for deeper meaning.
The Weatherstone is a root metaphor for my entire and personal spiritual quest.

This new  initiative was first conceived on November 26, 2013, as an outcome of writing epic poetry and quest novels. Almost all the drawings have been completed in one special Coffee Shop on the island (love those vanilla lattes) where I began drawing specifically to illustrate the quest novels, and as a result by drawing in public, "en plein air,"  it opened up conversations during which I enjoyed telling the stories that were unfolding in my drawings and always to an appreciative audience, young, old, and in between.

My stories often include the majestic and mysterious Mt. Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island just a short distance from my home. From May 2016, and ever since, I have focused on the intimacy of small pencil drawings of the same mountain, Mt.Arrowsmith. The mountain is integral to my epic poetry as well. 

"it's where I live, in spirit, soul, and when the weather is good, in body."  

Images and pen & ink and/or graphite.

Mt.Arrowsmith - graphite

Mt. Arrowsmith - graphite and colour pencil

Topographical map of "Copper Mountain" and the "Anapu Caves." A special place in the epic poem "The Legend of the Copper Canoe."

Journal drawing of Mt.Arrowsmith 

The copper canoe travels down the "Silent River' on an early misty morning

Aleniah is a persona who appears in "The Legend of the Copper Canoe," She is married to the ancient builder of the canoe.

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