"This is the other side of my creative coin." One, the world of expressive images, the other a world of expressive words. The writings are a personal reservoir and resource for critical thought that have found their way into my novels, an autobiography, critical commentary, spiritual teachings on the Kingdom of God, scholarly literature, newspaper columns, as well as poetry.

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The Writing Collection includes (as of 2014): fiction and poetry

This page is still under construction with the aim of providing suitable links to each work of writing.

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"Homeward Bound," autobiography (unpublished)


"Death of a Model," novel

"The Pioneer," novel

"On The Run," novel

"Sweet Bitter Spring," a Novel of WWII

"Coal Harbour," a Noah King novel

"Cash Creek," a Noah King novel

"The Ecstasy of Katie Gordon," short story, (stageplay in review)

"Where Lovers Die," a novel


"Cerulean Odyssey, the Long Distance Voyager," Vol. 1

"Cold Winter Breath," Vol's 2 -5, "Cerulean Odyssey,"

"The Broadway Players," (2nd edition)

"Cerulean Odyssey," the first epic / complete 10 Volumes of 915 poems - Annotated Text. (unpublished)

"Weatherstone: The Quest for E'veden," the second epic - Volume One

"Weatherstone: The Quest for E'veden,"
the second epic - Volume Two

"Weatherstone: The Quest for E'veden," the second epic - Volume Three

"Legend of the Copper Canoe," Book 5 of Volume 2 of Weatherstone

"A Remnant Shall Survive: Poetry of the Pacific Northwest 2011-2018"


"Creative Worlds: A Dissertation on Creative Freedom and Spirituality"

"The First and Last Kingdom: Rediscovering the Purpose of Our Existence"

"John Gould: Just Me and the Paper," Biography ( forthcoming 2019) 

Teachings on Spirituality: available as free downloads in PDF format.

"60 Days to Freedom," A 60 day daily devotional that focuses one's journey to spiritual freedom by understanding one's identity in Christ. (PDF posted below - downloading, copying, distributing is freely permitted)

"I am," A summary of Scriptures that reveal one's identity in Christ as being specific attributes of those who follow Jesus.
(PDF posted below - downloading, copying, distributing is freely permitted)

"Sermon On the Mount," (booklet, an amplified and expanded text of the Sermon on The Mount. PDF posted below - downloading, copying, distributing is freely permitted)

60 days to freedom.pdf 60 days to freedom.pdf
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I Am.pdf I Am.pdf
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Sermon on the Mount.pdf Sermon on the Mount.pdf
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