Weatherstone Project

The Weatherstone Project

The Weatherstone Project is my experience of creative freedom with a delight in inspiration that will flex my artistic muscles, expand my creative horizons, contemplate my spiritual foundations, and satisfy my quest for deeper meaning

The Weatherstone Project was first conceived on November 26, 2013. However, the project’s birth took three years of preparation before being launched on January 1, 2016. During those three years I kept seeing glimpses of what lay ahead in my artistic and spiritual journey. But, they all seemed like an aggregate of individual initiatives and never a cohesive whole. At last, it appears the time has come to coalesce these glimpses into a composite of art and spirituality, grounded in a method of critical thought. This method will comprise a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach with a full range of expression in words, images, and new media, and the embodiment of a Silverpoint metaphor. Much of this full range had been expressed in previous work (to be continued).

Below are some of the first images as they emerge out of the Weatherstone Project. From May 2016 to January 2017, I focused on the intimacy of small pencil drawings of the same mountain, Mt.Arrowsmith (about 1/2 hour from my home). Mt.Arrowsmith is integral to my epic poetry. Three drawings are 6 X 18 inches each.

The next three images are from my sketchbook/journal 4 1/2 X 7 inch per page, where I develop ideas, but more than that, "it's where I live, in spirit, soul, and when the weather is good, in body."  Images and pen & ink and graphite.

Mt.Arrowsmith - graphite

Mt. Arrowsmith - graphite and colour pencil

Topographical map of "Copper Mountain" and the "Anapu Caves." A special place in the epic poem "The Legend of the Copper Canoe."

Journal drawing of Mt.Arrowsmith 

The copper canoe travels down the "Silent River' on an early misty morning

Aleniah is a persona who appears in "The Legend of the Copper Canoe," She is married to the ancient builder of the canoe.

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