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Buying books written by Gerrit Verstraete. Novels and books of poetry are available online from Amazon.

Following is an up-to-date list of current titles available at Amazon.
Not all books are available print with a select number in Kindle.

Books in Print / Kindle (Available online at and


  1. “On The Run”. A novel of love and survival. The time is a modern history of

anarchy when everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Corinne is 14 years old. Adam, who is her godfather and Corinne are on the run from the Hunters, who are bounty hunters for The Collection Agency, a national government initiative to boost the economy by taking “surplus” young girls and selling them into the international sex trade. This book is suitable for young adult and adult readers. By Gerrit Verstraete. 444 Pages, 6 X 9. Create Space Publishers: An Amazon Company. 2015. Soft-cover Print $37.63 / Kindle $ 5.08 (3.99 USD) at Amazon online.


  1. “Sweet Bitter Spring.” A novel of WWII. Sweet Bitter Spring is a novel of WWII. Leon Walker is a combat soldier of the infamous Quebec Chauds. He fights for the heroics of war. Big Jim Walsh is an engineer with the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers. He fights to end the horrors of war. The time is mid-April 1945, and Leon and Jim are poised to liberate the Dutch city of Zwolle. What begins as a reconnaissance mission turns into one of the most daring exploits of WWII. Both men are wounded and that’s when the real story begins as both men fall in love with the same Red Cross nurse. This is a story of war and love, of redemption and absolution for the liberation children of the Netherlands. It is based on a true story of real events and real people, including the author’s own experience. This is a personal tribute to the faith and courage of men and women who experienced that Sweet Bitter Spring of 1945. The book includes a preview of the novel “On The Run.” By Gerrit Verstraete. 411 Pages, 6 X 9, Create Space Publishers: An Amazon Company. 2015. Soft-cover Print $19.45 / Kindle $4.97 (3.99 US), at Amazon online.


“I read this book in 4 days. Found it difficult to put down because I really enjoyed the storyline of all the characters involved. Great historical facts of WWII and the Canadian Military and the liberation of Holland. My heritage is from the Netherlands and this was a real eye opener to the horrors of what people suffered during this time period. Good mix of romance and history interwoven throughout the book.” Ingrid Banninga.


“A GREAT READ....The story line of love during war is amazing and as well the factual information on the War itself. It is personal not just for the author but for all those who experienced the horrors of war.” Sylvia Rose.


  1. “The Pioneer.” A novel of surprise. The year is 1980. William “Bill” Stanton is a farmer. Together with his wife Marianne and their three children, BJ “Bill” Junior, Emily, and Rose, and their family dog Flash, they manage the crops on Stanton Acres. Since the mid-1800’s, the early Stanton pioneers have farmed in the Salmon Creek Valley near the Western Foothills. William Stanton loves routine and hates risk, and he is obsessed with outer space. The Salmon Creek Valley, Bookerton, Waddington, Ironwood, and Carona City, complete the image of authentic rural life. Until a space probe crashes into the Stanton barnyard. Life becomes stressful for William Stanton as he has to deal with the weather, crops, nosy townsfolk, and the mystery surrounding a crash site, and marital anxieties. The Pioneer is a heart-warming story of determination, conflict, resolve, and mystery. But, just when everything seems to come together again, the story ends with an unsuspected and dramatic turn of events that borders on disbelief. The ending is a complete surprise. By Gerrit Verstraete. 411 Pages, 6 X 9, Create Space Publishers: An Amazon Company. 2015. Soft-cover Print $19.45 / Kindle $4.99 (3.99 US), at Amazon online.


  1. “Cerulean Odyssey:” Vol.1 – The Long Distance Voyager – The First Odyssey. Poetry by Gerrit Verstraete, 146 pages, 5 ½ x 8 ½. Publish America, Baltimore. 2010. Keywords: devotional, confessional, transformative, inspirational. Cerulean undertakes a long journey in search of a place he has never seen but longs for in his heart. He was providentially drawn to specific locations along his travels, places that for unknown reasons, stirred him deep in his soul. It gave him a passion and reason to return as often as he could to those same places. Only he knew when he came to a certain turn in the road, it promised him that view, that special place that would bring tears to his eyes as he caught a glimpse of what he was looking for, always in search of what he spoke of as "the city not built with human hands," a place of peace and fulfillment. He is the long distance voyager and his name means "sky blue," a kind of typical big sky that can capture the human spirit and send it on fanciful flights of hopes and dreams. The epic is a journey of the soul as it searches one step at a time for the heartbeat that will guide Cerulean along his grand adventure. The reader is encouraged to travel with Cerulean to see what he sees and to experience what he feels. Soft-cover Print $31.34 from Amazon online.


  1. “Cold Winter Breath:” Four New Odysseys of Cerulean the Long Distance Voyager. Poetry by Gerrit Verstraete, 448 pages, 6 X 9. Publish America, Baltimore, 2010. Volumes 2 – 5 of the epic Cerulean Odyssey. An experience in conceptual poetry.  Keywords: devotional, confessional, transformative, inspirational. The poetry is written with a prophetic imagination that celebrates the traditions of great epic poetry. This book continues the epic of Cerulean’s spiritual quest as an experience of hope and fulfillment. Cerulean’s world is about as elusive as solitude and a fresh spirit wind. Soft-cover Print $00 from Amazon online


6. “The Broadway Players.” Poetry by Gerrit Verstraete. The epic of Cerulean the

long distance voyager continues The Broadway Players is a daringly crafted long poem using contemporary techniques of intuitive wordplay and methodological hybridization of metaphor and narrative, as well as further inquiry into the writing of epic poetry. The Broadway Players are not from Broadway. They are from the "broad way," which is the broad way of worldly ambitions that stands in contrast to the generally accepted narrow way of spiritual purity. They are a troupe of twelve actors (6 male and 6 female) who advocate the pride of life by representing many false gods. False gods include: logic, technology, religion, performance-enhancements, idolatry, and the lure of pleasure and pain. The Broadway Players challenge Cerulean throughout the long poem, followed by interludes to help him regain his strength of purpose. The Broadway Players were first encountered in Cerulean's 3rd Journey: "fellow travelers along the way," in the epic Cerulean Odyssey. The Broadway Players is a long poem, a literary genre that includes poetry of considerable length in the poetic tradition dating back to Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. The genre includes some of the most important poetry ever written. The long poem thrived and gained new vitality in the hands of experimental Modernists in the early 1900's, and has continued to evolve through the 21st century. The Broadway Players comprises 2983 lines written in 100 tableaux.122 pages, 5 ½ X 8 ½. America Star Books, Baltimore. 2014. Keywords: devotional, confessional, transformative, inspirational. Soft-cover Print $25.39 from Amazon online





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