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The official welcome page with a selection of archival pictures.

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About us
     About Masterpeace is comprehensive catalogue of all the select art works and writings of Gerrit Verstraete. This website's objective is to manage sustainability and continuity for the voice of Gerrit Verstraete’s art, by creating a comprehensive chronicle in print and digital format that invites people to view the work and hear the  creative and inspirational voice of the artist. This website is a compilation many previous websites dating back some fifteen years. This page also contains a selection of archival pictures.

Artwork previews
     As listed in the Catalogue Raisonné, each of the images in this gallery are a preview of the diversity of styles and media of artwork by Gerrit Verstraete, comprising the collection and About Masterpeace. For links to a comprehensive representation of artwork, see next page "Masterpeace Gallery." This page contains various samples of styles of artwork.

Masterpeace Gallery
     Masterpeace Gallery (Masterpeace Fine Art Gallery) is a separate online gallery with over 150 images of my artwork comprising: Contemplative Abstracts, Cerulean Odyssey, Coastal Footprints, New Works, Realism and Expressionism, Silverpoint, and Classical Figure Drawing, with a new collection to be added soon including Digital New Media images. The gallery was launched in 2007 as a separate domain. You are invited to visit the gallery by simply clicking on the following link. 

     However, some of my latest work is featured in "My Gallery" page on this website.Pardon me if I am confusing you

Contact us

Catalogue Raisonn
     The Catalogue Raisonné is a systematically and logically arranged catalogue that documents each work of art by Gerrit Verstraete. This documentation will ensure the artwork's authenticity, and continue to build the reputation and value of the artist's body of work, including Provenance, and Certificates of Authenticity, such as the stamp bearing "Certified Original Art / Gerrit Verstraete Archives." The Catalogue Raisonné is still under construction.

     As of September 2014, the Catalogue Raisonné is posted in this page as a PDF Document. The Document lists (subject to change without notice) the original artwork created by Gerrit Verstraete.

     This is the artist as a purist, in a collection of sketchbooks that comprise a lifelong inspirational journal of ideas and dreams. Some will never see the light of day to remain hidden in concept sketches, notations, and a running private commentary about the artist's thought process. Some become finished works of art. Others are volumes of coffee shop sketches to remind the artist, that regardless of the abstractions of a solitary journey in his studio, keeping "in touch with real people in real time," is good medicine for the human spirit. 

Where you will find my artwork in private, corporate, and public collections.

     "This is the other side of my creative coin." One, the world of expressive images, the other a world of expressive words. The writings are a personal reservoir and resource for critical thought that have found their way into my novels, an autobiography, critical commentary, spiritual teachings on the Kingdom of God, scholarly literature, newspaper columns, as well as poetry. To read more about my books, check out the page Store and my Author's Page at or



The official biography brief of Gerrit Verstraete

     To become acquainted with the ministry years of Gerrit and Alice Verstraete

My Gallery

     My Gallery features recent works as I returned to the studio after a 6 year sabbatical to complete 2 graduate degrees. A number of new works were completed beginning in 2014

Drawing Society
An introduction to the Drawing Society of Canada founded in 1998.

Drawing Academy
An introduction to the online drawing course of the Canadian Academy of Drawing founded in 2005, by the Drawing Society of Canada.

Cyber Gallery
     The Cyber Gallery is a collection of experimental artwork that exists only in the digital world of my computer and cyber space. I call these my Generative Works. They're yours to enjoy.

This is where you find information about purchasing original artwork, as well as a listing of books now available online at Amazon. Reviews included.

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